it's an ill omen to speak about detachment  (i had posted that day on enzymesandautism talking about detachment)

people don't understand it and i won't again.

i backed the vehicle to go picking some black cherries and plums, normally i give a slight roll of the vehicle to let any kitten sitting on the tyres get off but i forgot and just rolled back with a thud that i knew must have hit something and got out and the kitten i liked most ran off to the bushes but i knew by the amount of the thud that it was internally injured.

the plums and cherries were beautiful and i sort of hoped that the vigour of its running away meant that it was ok but i knew.

when i got back it was in the open but had probably not moved far from where it bolted to, the saddest part was that it was as bright as button as a kitten and able to infer things and knew that i would put it down so tryed to escape.

it is buried near where it played and waited outside the door.